Day 1
L. Estes Welcome and introduction
O. Crespo Giving weight to multiple objectives for sustainable agricultural decisions under changing conditions
M. Wallace Climate change impacts in dryland wheat production in the Western Cape
G. Midgley Preliminary assessment of economic impacts of climate change on SA agriculture
B. Bradley Climate change impacts to wheat and maize in South Africa: a combined modeling approach
R. Schulze Climate change and connections between agriculture and biodiversity: what questions should we be asking?
C. Henningse Agroclimatology: Climate network and databank
G. Paterson The South African Natural Resource Information System
L. Estes Data and Methods Arising from Comparative Crop Modeling Study
M. Tadross Downscaling climate for modelling agricultural impacts


Day 2
G.  Lekalalala Impacts of heat stress on dairy cattle productivity under projected human induced climate change
G. Midgley Addressing scenario uncertainty for climate change adaptation
S. Holness Identifying areas for ecosystem based adaptation: new biome change predictions identification of areas supporting resilience for SA with discussion on implications for protected area expansion
D. Hole Modeling relationships between species’ spatial abundance patterns and climate
S. Midgley Climate Risk and Vulnerability Mapping for Southern Africa: Status Quo (2008) and Future (2050)
B. Erasmus Global change in rural rangelands: implications for biodiversity and livelihoods
L. Estes Climate change and agriculture: Implications for South Africa’s conservation estate