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High Environmental Costs Relative To Benefits of Farming African Wet Savannas

My colleagues and I published a paper yesterday in Nature Climate Change that examines the environmental costs relative to the potential crop and biofuel production benefits of farming Africa’s higher rainfall savannas.  We found that only 2-11% of these areas qualify as high benefit/low cost in terms of maize and soy yield potential relative to

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AAAS Session on New Earth Observing Methods

My Valentine’s day this year was spent en route to San Jose, where I attended the AAAS meeting to convene a session on “Advances in Earth Observation: Enabling New Insights into Global Environmental Change“, featuring Matt Hansen, Kelly Caylor, and Maggi Kelly. The goal of the session was to illustrate how new methods and hardware,

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October trip to Zambia

I was in Zambia a few weeks ago, working with colleagues at the Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) on new projects [1, 2, 3].  I spent part of my time setting up PulsePods (the fantastic tool being developed by my colleagues Adam Wolf, Kelly Caylor, Ben Siegfried, and Eric Wood) at a few trial sites, in preparation

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